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Inox tube temperature sensor with cableAPPLICATIONS
Food Industry
Industrial applications
Laboratory applications

Reliable and accurate measurement with
thermoresistance (RTD) element, single or double.
Class B / Class A / Class 1/3DIN
Reliable and accurate measurement with
tthermocouple element, single or double
Protection sheath material AISI304 / AISI316 / AISI
316Ti with a wide range of diameters
Wide range of cables:
- PVC / PVC (-10C to 105C)
-Silicon / Silicon (-60C to 200C)
- PTFE / PTFE (-10C to 260C)
- PTFE / PTFE / Screen (-10C to 260C)
- PTFE / Screen / PTFE (-10C to 260C)
- Glass Fiber / Glass Fiber / Screen (0C to 400C)
Max ambient temperature 90C

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